Better Late Than Never!

November 03, 2019

After a thrilling 2018 season, Laura and the team ended the season 4th place in the National Super Pro Championship! Laura was also the only girl to compete in Super Pro, the fastest bracket racing class, meaning she went up against 40 men from around the world to achieve this position. This is a massive accomplishment for the team, moving further and further up the championship points every year.


At the final event, the UK National Finals, the team went out in round 2 with an almost perfect dial in against Billy Gane, who got the hole-shot win over Laura.


While the team is still chasing an event win, they have had an amazing year full of round wins, a number 1 qualifier position and most importantly, fun!

On behalf of Turboville Racing, thank you so much to everyone that continues to support the team, there are too many to count but to name just a few: Bloodlines, Nottingham College, Kleen Freaks, Nutters/Rosita Trucking, Nefarious Pinstriping, USAutomotive, Steve & Babs Saunders, Walters family, Kellett family & all of the Super Pro class.

See you in 2019!

FIA Main Event 2018

May 29, 2018

The Main Event. The second round of the championship dawned bright and sunny, thank god! Turboville Racing set up pit with their twinned team from Switzerland, Trouble Racing. That is Marcus Hilt with his pro-mod Corvette in matching matt-black livery and their crew from Basel, great people and best friends. It was also Laura’s twenty third birthday! Qualifying was busy, with lots of rounds and first race was against old Jr dragster rival Joe Kellett. We were all guessing at the dial in under new conditions so first round we dialed a cautios 8.00, what we ran at Easter. Of course she went far quicker at 7.90 but the car behaved perfectly and it gave us a good baseline to work from. Next round we had Jen Konnecke and dialed 7.90, then ran 7.908, brilliant driving! Round three saw Laura against the mad Scotsman, Colin Millar in his awesome Anglia. Playing safe we kept the dial in at 7.90 and to our joy she ran 7.901, making her number one qualifier of the whole class, much to celebrate! By the time of the next round the air quality had changed slightly but track had improved a lot, we were pulling very quick sixty foot times of just over a second, this meant we went with a 7.89 on a 7.80 optimistic dial in. A good guess still! Last round against Austin Jaques we went back to the 7.90 dial and ran a 7.87, too quick but we were getting a feel on what the car liked, and liked the new track. First round as number one qualifier meant we faced our rival from the last round, Austin Jaques in his yellow Ford Capri. Just before our run a bike oiled the whole lane we were due to run in so Laura took advantage of her lane choice and swapped to left lane which was a wise choice. Laura was pulling seriously good lights all weekend, always a .0 something and Austin knew it would be hard to beat her. He tried a little too hard and pulled a red, we were through to round two. A new Austrian friend was her opponent in round two, Oliver Krautberger in his mean chevy monte carlo. Another great race but Laura treed him with an unbelievable .0019 reaction time, there ws no way Oliver could catch her, on to round three for the first time ever! The next round was going to be very hard, we were up against Paul Przybyl in a state of the art four link dragster, the same one Laura licenced in when it belonged to Reto Stutz, and it was a lot quicker than our car. In a brilliant drag race Paul won by just one meter at the finish line when Laura tried a bit too hard and broke out by just .06 of a second. Well done Paul and thanks to our sponsors:- NOTTINGHAM COLLEGE, WVB NL, NEFARIOUS PINSTRIPING, KLEEN FREAKS, ROSITA TRUCKING, USAUTOMOTIVE and team owners BLOODLINES RACING. Big thanks of course to our best buddies TROUBLE RACING for the hospitality. A very enjoyable and successful weekend which left Turboville Racing number four in the championships in a field of forty two cars, and Laura was the only female driver! Next meeting is the Summernationals at Santa Pod, 29-30 of June, and Ian’s birthday, what will he get up to?

Festival of Showers 2018

March 31, 2018

The season opener was short lived due to the weather and new track. 

Once the rain finally cleared away, we managed to get a single pass down the new track! The new surface felt lovely and smooth, you could really feel the difference. We ran a 8.00 even with lifting at the top end, giving us the lowest ET of the meet!

Unbeknownst to me, Jack Brewster was having a less comfortable ride in the other lane. We wish Jack a speedy recovery, and hope to see him and the car back out as soon as possible.

See our race here: 

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